Axial was founded in 2002 with the objective of closing the gap between technology companies and marketing agencies. These two intertwined axes made it possible to generate competitive solutions for our customers. Our experience in the design and management of digital platforms (e-commerce or lead generation websites) is considerable. Since the agency’s creation, we have deployed many large-scale projects: projects interfaced with several systems at once, multilingual, multi-channel, in a variety of sectors of activity. We have created several websites in WordPress and Drupal, and several e-commerce sites in Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.

Learning culture

Curiosity and learning are part of our DNA. In addition to regular training, our team members benefit from frequent career development follow-up. Every week, a part of the team devotes its Wednesdays at noon to Techno Lunch, while every Friday at noon, the team meets for Lunch & Learn during which experts – from Axial and sometimes from outside – give presentations that encourage us to improve and open our horizons.

The A team

When we talk about Axial, we always talk about a team. It is our greatest strength. We like to do work sessions in order to arrive with a team proposal, or in squad as we like to call them. Our multidisciplinary team covers the wide range of expertise required to successfully complete a complex e-commerce or any digital project. We promote long-term relationships with our clients where listening and sharing expertise helps us grow.

Working atmosphere

If you’ve already been to our offices, you’ve experienced the Axial atmosphere. It’s a happy mix of geek jokes, mutual support and a lot of love between colleagues that creates the friendly work environment in which we collaborate. What about the hierarchy? Not so much. After all, it’s about working together for the hapiness of everyone. We also take the time to spend quality time with each other. Whether it’s a refreshing beer, go-kart or lazer tag, rallying activities are organized every month to not forget that in the end, we like to be together.


Work-family balance is at the heart of Axial’s values. Flexible schedules allow us to achieve our goals outside of work and balance work and personal responsibilities. Not only does Axial offer 5 floating days off, but also 1/2 day off on your birthday. Add to that 3 weeks of vacation per year, and you can say that these initiatives are a good way to engage and mobilize our strength at work!


Axial contributes to the success of the information technology (IT) sector in Sherbrooke thanks to our building dedicated exclusively to this sector. In addition to this, there are also techno drink participations both as partners and participants. Axial is also involved with the next generation of students from various fields of activity. As sustainable development is part of our values, we attach great importance to the environment. We want to do our part for the health of the planet: composting, waste reduction and eco-responsible activities are just a few examples of how our team is active on a daily basis.

Commitment to human values

The human being is really at the heart of the team’s concerns (not just in our strategic approach!). We want to take care of our working environment as much as we do of the external environment. And it is not only the team that is human: it also starts from the top! is a company that is dedicated to changing the world of work one good boss at a time, making a difference in its business and contributing to well-being. We are all very proud of our President who has been certified BonBoss! Curious?