Axial Careers

Are you a high-octane individual who loves a great challenge? Do you have hidden talents that could amaze us? Are you passionate about your field of expertise? Then we want you on our team!

Why should you work at Axial?

Pursue your passion and interests outside of work thanks to a flexible schedule.

Further your career with inspiring co-workers and leaders.

Work in an environment where your attitude is just as important as your know-how. Benefit from paid training to fine-tune your skills.

Each week, learn new things and enjoy a paid lunch with the entire team during our Lunch & Learn sessions.

Gain peace of mind thanks to our group insurance, to which the company contributes 50%.

Get a part of the company’s annual profits as recognition of your effort and dedication.

Live in the Eastern Townships, all while taking advantage of competitive compensation plans.

Train at any time of the day at our office’s mini gym, along with other motivated athletes!

Have fun with a gang of crazy geeks and nerds who love cocktail hours, sports and tech events!

Respect. Dedication. No-Bullshit. Sustainable development. 

Respect. Dedication. No-Bullshit. Sustainable development. 

Available Positions

Can’t find a job that fits your profile? Write us, send us your CV, and tell us who you are. Who knows, there could be something available for you!