If you’ve already been to our offices, you’ve experienced the Axial atmosphere. It’s a happy mix of geek jokes, mutual support and a lot of love between colleagues that creates the friendly work environment in which we collaborate. What about the hierarchy? Not so much. After all, it’s about working together for the happiness of everyone. We also take the time to spend quality time with each other. Whether it’s a refreshing beer, go-kart or laser tag, rallying activities are organized every month to not forget that in the end, we like to be together.

It’s not just fun and games at Axial, either. Axial is an exceptional team of extremely talented professionals that work 100 mph—with a purpose. We constantly push the boundaries and potential of both ecommerce and digital marketing, thinking two steps ahead, and surpassing the high standards we set for ourselves. We value design elegance just as much as we value the user experience and our clients’ business goals.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work
- Aristotle

What we expect from everyone at #TeamAxial

Be open to constructive criticism
Bring new ideas to the table
Always be ready to help colleagues
Proactively address issues
Manage your projects like it was your own business
Ensure high-quality work when you pass the puck to a colleague
Listen and consider other people’s opinions
Be understanding when faced with situations beyond your control
Take on tasks with dedication and a sense of responsibility
Come to work with energy, a can-do attitude and a smile

A career aligned with your values

A profound respect for people and the environment is really at the heart of the team’s concerns. From hiring interns to giving back to our community to adopting a wide range of sustainability issues, be confident in taking on a job at Axial. We. Actually. Care.

And it is not only the team that is human: it also starts from the top! Axial’s management is radically transparent with employees when things go well and not so well.

Our president, Daniel, also walks the walk. He is actually certified BonBoss. What’s that? BonBoss.ca is a company that is dedicated to changing the world of work one good boss at a time, making a difference in its business and contributing to well-being. Learn more here.

We’re putting our methodology to good use. See how we can better serve you.