Discovery and strategy

To know where to put your digital marketing efforts, to get some perspective on your online strategies or to discover new insights or phenomena that apply to your target audience or market, our discovery and strategy services are for you.

Analysis and strategic planning

We first perform an analysis of your current situation. The objective is to have a clear vision of your market and your positioning on the web, by assessing the performance of your different web channels. In doing so, we identify opportunities for improvement or even unused avenues. We can then propose you a host of recommendations, prioritize with you the next steps to implement to help you build a short, medium and long-term action plan, according to your business objectives.

Analysis of the performance of the website / Analysis of your digital presence / Action plan and prioritization

User research

The purpose of user search is to collect information from your users using different qualitative and quantitative methods, each with its own benefits and objectives. We seek to put your target customers at the heart of your processes, in order to understand what really matters to them so as to propose appropriate solutions.

Recordings sessions and heatmaps / Semi-directed interviews / Email or online surveys / Usability tests

User experience

In order to have an optimal and intuitive navigation on your website, you must first define the objectives of each page, which meet the needs of users. Then, it is necessary to establish the user path that we want to create within the website, always based on the motivations and needs of our target group. Our creative team works with strategists and developers to provide interfaces that meet your customers’ needs, while respecting technological limitations.

Site map / User flow / Wireframes / User stories

SEO Audit

To increase your visibility or discoverability, you need a website with a good SEO on search engines. In doing so, we will analyze your website, both from a technical point of view (site structure, URL, meta description, etc.) and from a content point of view. What will result will be a list of recommendations and optimizations that we can apply to your website.

Technical audit of the website / Content audit / Positioning and competition analysis

Co-creation workshops

Within our partnership, different co-creation workshops will be offered. These help to align our goals and work together to achieve a common goal. For example, revising your content architecture, designing functional models, or creating your marketing calendar could be part of one of these work sessions.

Start-up workshops / Design thinking workshops / Collaborative work sessions