Every day, we work with the operational systems in place in our clients’ business (ERP, CRM, accounting system, etc.). Our expertise in e-commerce allows us to have a vision of all the implications of managing an online store: inventory, delivery, online payment, security, etc. The technologies selected by our team of experts are always adapted to your current and future needs.


We have been building websites for nearly 20 years: whether it is by creating a showcase site highlighting your brand or for any other non-commercial web platform. By creating a website that reflects your offline expertise, your visitors will be properly informed and oriented in order to generate quality leads.

Lead generation / Redesign / B2B / B2C


The development of e-commerce websites requires a better understanding of the ecosystem surrounding this practice: inventory management, fraud, supply chain, delivery, etc. Our level of expertise and maturity in e-commerce development allows us to tackle major challenges. From the technological infrastructure used, to the development methodology and passing by data governance: your project will have nothing to envy.


Equipped with a unique method in the industry, our team will assist you in selecting the best platform for the migration of your website. Not wanting to leave any technological debts, we work to ensure that there is maximum reusability from one platform to another and that as much data as possible is transferred to your new platform. Regression testing and quality assurance complete the migration process to ensure a complete and efficient final product.

Technological analysis / Support and assistance / QA / Regression tests

Systems integration

On a daily basis, our team works with our clients’ operational systems (ERP, CRM, accounting system, etc.). Since each client has their own environment, we have the opportunity to know and master most of them. We can make the connection to everything you need to make your website work well. Saving you time, saving manpower and reducing the risk of errors caused by manual actions are our priorities.

Digital ecosystem mapping / ERP / CRM / API

And sometimes magic!

Our development team is constantly on the lookout for innovations in the field and also masters many development standards (W3C, MVC, DDD, BEM, AppContainers/Docker), several CMS (Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Shopify) and different frameworks and languages (including VueJS, Bootstrap, SASS, PHP, Javascript, Python). The magic comes from our in-depth knowledge and our concern to create a high-performance website based on your business challenges and objectives.

Hosting and infrastructure / 24/7 support / Custom development / And many more