Optimization and coaching

To increase your number of conversions (e-commerce or lead generation), get a better return on investment or get support in developing your digital presence, our various optimization and support offers are for you.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimizing conversion maximizes the dollars you invest in marketing and acquisition, ensuring your growth. When working in CRO, we leave nothing to chance. All the decisions made are data-driven, that is to say that they come from a thorough analysis and the linking of different data sources.


Analyzing the performance of your website / Analysis of your conversion tunnel / Creating an optimization and prioritization list / Optimizations on your website


Optimize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can increase the amount, but especially the quality of the volume of visitors to your site. To do this, you need to make your pages easier to find for people in your target groups when they search for keywords on Google.

Audit of your SEO performance / Optimization of your technical SEO / Content writing to improve your SEO

Training and consultant

The expertise within our team are at your disposal in many ways. Whether it is to obtain support in specific cases or to perfect the knowledge of your team in the digital field, we will help you achieve this goal.

Tailored training / Lunch and learn / Consultation