Is your head full of innovative ideas and fun facts about geek culture? Is your life’s great pleasure to tackle fun challenges as a team? Do you have a favourite Vice City radio station? Do you like hiding eggs with the Konami Code?

We need you!

You will touch on several facets of the profession and use several programming languages to develop different functionalities, including advanced search tools, web gateways, progressive applications, etc. You will have the opportunity to participate in projects that are as stimulating as they are creative, and will be able to use your expertise in the pre-production stages (sales, design, strategy) in order to provide a unique online experience.

Profile and aptitudes

  • You have an eye for detail and are meticulous;
  • You are innovative and use creative problem solving;
  • You possess some planning & management skills;
  • You have an analytical spirit (Common question here at Axial : “How long would it take to develop?!”);
  • You have a degree of geekiness;
  • You enjoy learning;
  • You have a good sense of humour;
  • You have a basic understanding of e-commerce;
  • You are motivated by both big and small challenges.

Experience required

  • A relevant diploma in the field or equivalent experience;
  • Master at least 2 programming languages (10 points to Gryffindor if you have a solid understanding of PHP and JavaScript);
  • Mastery of French, both verbally and in writing;
  • A good understanding of English;
  • Some experience working in an agency (Knowing how to balance multiple projects and teams);
  • Some understanding of Linux (Mainly Ubuntu!) and MacOS in your back pocket.


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