What are your users really doing on your website?

Imagine you could see (anonymously of course), every action taken by your users on your site? Just like a spy, if you could record your user sessions, what you would learn and the conclusions that could be drawn from such an exercise would have an incredible value. 

This may sound like fiction, but this tool exists and it is named FullStory. It’s a gold mine of information so you can make the best decisions for your website. If one of these situations looks familiar, FullStory could be a big help in improving your website. 

  • You just put online your new website;
  • You wish to increase your e-commerce conversion rate;
  • You wish to confirm some hypotheses with tangible data;
  • You want to know if some changes you made to your website have had the desired effect.

FullStory allows you to focus on the right decisions regarding optimizations to your website and campaigns with real live user data.  It can alleviate resource needs allowing you to easily identify bugs and other annoyances in your site. FullStory can also be integrated with all major CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

How do you analyze all this information?

With its powerful search engine, FullStory can filter visitors that perform a certain action on your site. But there is so much information in FullStory, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even a little lost.  Being accompanied by an accredited FullStory partner is a must if you want to navigate through the sea of data available.

And you know what? Axial is an accredited FullStory partner. Give us a call. We will answer your questions.


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