You already pay for Acomba accounting software, why would you duplicate your inventory in Magento e-commerce site?

We can customize a solution so that your Magento e-commerce site works with either the software or online version of Acomba. No third-party software required!

Have another type of accounting software? Contact Axial to see what type of integration services we offer for other accounting solutions.



With Axial, we can develop a seamless integration between Magento and Acomba:




01 Orders and products are managed in one place, depending on your preferences
02 Magento orders are automatically added to Acomba
03 All Magento orders appear in Acomba’s delivery module for centralized delivery management
04 All entries for each online order are saved in Acomba’s general ledger
05 Orders from your e-commerce store are updated in Magento’s inventory; inventory updates can be performed in real time or asynchronously
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