You already pay for Acomba, why duplicate your inventory in Magento?

With our Magento + Acomba solution, you will benefit of centralizing your data:

  • Whether in Magento or Acomba, orders and products can be managed in one place, depending on your preference;
  • Magento orders are added automatically in Acomba;
  • All Magento orders appear in the Acomba delivery module for centralized delivery management;
  • For each online order, all necessary entries are saved in the General Ledger in Acomba;
  • Orders from your stores are also updated in your Magento inventory. If the product is available on the site, it is available in your inventory.

Our solution is made to measure and to assure total control of your e-commerce by ensuring the connection between Magento and Acomba.

  • No third party.
  • The inventory update can be done in real time as well as asynchronous.
  • Our solution works as well with the software version of Acomba as the online version.

Your needs are more specific? Would you like to link to another Acomba module? Our customized solution will adapt to your reality.

You don’t use Magento? See what our Magento solution can do for you!


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