Do you currently operate an e-commerce site using Magento—and considering transitioning to Shopify? If you haven’t yet made the switch and are still using Magento 1, your e-commerce site’s security may be compromised now that Magento no longer provides security patches for Magento 1.

Just because Shopify is a simple solution does not mean that it can’t tackle more sophisticated e-commerce management needs. Axial can help you to determine the best e-commerce platform based on your business challenges and digital marketing strategies.

Magento 2 is a robust, yet complex platform. Migrating from Magento to Shopify may be your best option. The reason?

01 Shopify is simple to use, even if you have a sophisticated e-commerce website.
02 Shopify offers an array of apps that allow you to customize your online shopping experience.
03 Shopify integrates with different ERP or inventory management systems.
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