End of Magento 1 support: prepare the migration of your e-commerce website

Magento recently announced that they will provide security patches for Magento 1 software until June 2020. After that date, security breaches and compliance of your website could be compromised. In the meantime, you need to think about migrating your Magento 1 to a new, up-to-date platform.

Considering the e-commerce needs of our customers, Magento 2 is sometimes complex. The migration to the Shopify e-commerce platform is often the best option! With frequent updates, this new platform will continue to grow online sales in the coming years:

  • Shopify is simple to use in a complex e-commerce website context;
  • It is possible to customize the platform according to your business reality;
  • The platform allows integration with an ERP or an inventory management system.

Although Shopify is a simple solution, Axial will guide you with your e-commerce strategy, complex developments and digital marketing. Are you unsure about the e-commerce solution to use for your website? We can advise you on the best technology according to your business challenges! Contact us!


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