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Rework the career center, an interactive tool that allows people to start a career transition on good terms. Axial had to make the platform even more scalable to integrate their new services.

"Did you say UX? Taking the time and giving yourself the tools to rethink the user experience is essential during a redesign project."


  • Identify the current career center pain points;
  • Identify the opportunities for the career center by integrating all the services of the company;
  • Specify the typical user profiles of every services in the form of personas; 
  • Create the “users stories” for all the actions that can be performed online by users;
  • Design the user experience from A to Z;
  • Design the interfaces to be delivered to the development team.

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Would you like to know more about the career center? You’ll need to start a career transition! In all seriousness, we will be happy to answer all your questions about services related to user experience (UX) and design.

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