Chalets Alpins


Increase the conversion rate by offering the ability to make online reservations that is connected on the existing local reservation system. We needed to improve user experience (UX and UI) as well as work on positioning the brand and the website against local and international competitors.

“Did you say UX? Develop an online catalog, independent of the CMS, integrating more than 3500 SKUs while prioritizing the user experience.”


  • Redesign the website using WordPress;
  • Create functional models to improve the user experience;
  • Position the website by improving organic referencing (SEO) and optimizing the acquisition (SEM);
  • Ensure a presence on social media as well as content creation;
  • Create an API so that third-party software can synchronize in real time with online bookings;
  • Continuously analyze the performance of websites and web ads to optimize conversion.

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Improve the user experience in a market as competitive as the one in which Chalets Alpins operates requires a lot of optimization and strategy. It is in that mindset that we do content creation, as much for social media, as for online advertising, newsletters and various promotional materials. A project whose digital aspect is well calculated to reach right targets in B2C.

A custom API 

To allow users to make an online reservation, we had to create an API from scratch that would connect itself to the software of a third party and the WordPress site of the customer. This API synchronizes the information that enters (and leaves) the website and is then relayed to the booking software used by employees at Chalets Alpins. Reservations are always up to date at all times.

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