CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS


Consolidate the fourteen websites into one site and provide strategic support to organize and structure the content in order to improve the user experience.

“14 managers with their own goals and priorities? By putting the customers in the center of the process, we managed to get a quick consensus from the group.”


  • Have a customer empathic approach for the three CIUSSSE-CHUS research institutes and research administration;
  • Conduct interviews with students, researchers and research directors to find out their motivation and ideas for a website redesign project;
  • Establish a steering committee to ensure that objectives are met and the strategy is refocused as needed;
  • Hand out analyses and recommendations that allow stakeholders to evaluate the best options for their web strategy.

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Contents reorganization

In order to respond to the site’s need for structure, we first produced a content inventory in collaboration with the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS and then proceeded to the reorganization of these contents targeting clients and visitors of various types : service users, visitors, health professionals, present and future employees, volunteers, donors, media, etc.

Customer empathic approach 

To better meet the needs of users of the CIUSSS website of Estrie-CHUS, we applied the customer empathic approach by conducting surveys with different types of Web visitors and establishment managers.

Creation of functional models

We created 15 functional models taking into account the data collected during the interviews and the customer empathic approach.

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