Dana TM4


Increase conversion rate and improve the quality of leads obtained via the website so they correspond more to the target audience of Dana TM4. We also needed to improve the site’s ranking on search engines to attract more qualified leads.

“Our challenge? Generate quality traffic on the website to earn qualified leads.”


  • Position Dana TM4 with a content strategy highlighting their products and the quality of their services;
  • Clarify messages through simplified content;
  • Improve navigation through the site by reviewing the website structure;
  • Add call to action to key places to generate leads; 
  • Integrate Salesforce to drive leads in the right departments.

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Linking contact forms with Salesforce

All forms on the website have been simplified to help increase the conversion rate and minimize dropout rate. The forms have also been linked to Salesforce so that all leads are automatically directed to relevant people within the organization.

Google advertising campaign

We have and continue to support and train Dana TM4 to increase their digital maturity so that they take ownership of their online advertising and have a good understanding of the processes, concepts and optimizations to be applied in an advertising campaign on Google Ads.

3D visualization and videos of products

To clarify and better communicate who is the targeted audience for Dana TM4 products (in B2B), we integrated the 3D visualization of products, which allowed to better understand them and their use. Videos demonstrating more clearly how to use the products have also been added.

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