Garneau Slippers


Make a complete website redesign to highlight the brand and the quality of Garneau slippers’s distinctive products, while enabling online shopping. Through this redesign, we had to connect several existing systems to facilitate inventory management and product distribution. The website also needed to become a platform for retailers to place their orders online.

"A good example of multidisciplinarity? A project that involves both technological challenges and marketing communications."


  • Set up marketing automation processes;
  • Add a virtual gift card system;
  • Develop content strategies to attract and convert visitors;
  • Enhance the brand through the content and design of the website;
  • Centralize B2B orders by adding a platform for retailers;
  • Centralize inventories with an integration between Acomba and Magento;
  • Connect ShipStation to simplify the shipping and return process;
  • Create a marketing calendar and support clients in implementing marketing strategies (newsletters, promo campaigns, Google advertising integration, Facebook and Google Shopping).

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Several systems linked to Magento

With Magento, it becomes very easy to manage a multitude of products, mainly when they require to choose colors, sizes, materials, etc. In addition, Magento is a robust and secure system that integrates well with many third-party systems.

B2B and B2C

The website allows both B2C and B2B purchases by offering a specific interface to each customer profile. An order form allows retailers to buy large quantities while the simple purchase interface meets the needs of regular consumers.

Automated marketing

The automated marketing implemented for Garneau Slippers allows you to automatically send recovery emails following the abandonment of carts. Other emails are also automatically sent to probe customer satisfaction a few months after the purchase or to propose the replacement of the soles after one year.

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