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Consolidate the transactional websites of 21 shopping centers and seamlessly integrate them with the main website. We had to offer a multilingual transactional experience aimed mainly for B2C customers on the Magento platform, to increase online sales.

“Our challenge? Create 21 safe and successful transactional websites.”


  • Unite the various stakeholders of the project to ensure the transfer of the process of selling physical cards to digital;
  • Manage the project in agile mode and in close collaboration as an internal and external project team;
  • Define and set up different barriers with multiple providers to limit potential fraud on the platform;
  • Support and set up a structure to facilitate the client’s banking reconciliation;
  • Deploying different data collection tactics to make data centric and customer centric decisions;
  • Continuously analyze website performance to optimize conversion;
  • Add new payment methods to facilitate the buying process and develop new markets;
  • Develop new products to better meet the needs of different types of clients.

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Magento 2, as a robust platform

Ivanhoé Cambridge has teamed up with us to think, design and develop an e-commerce platform with Magento 2. This platform now manages gift card sales on 21 separate websites, while controlling fraud and facilitating the bank reconciliation process.

Risk analysis to minimize unpleasant surprises

To achieve this, we had to analyze the risks and issues from the first meeting in order to identify all the protocols, payment providers and stakeholders required to transform the gift cards sales process online.

Agile management for quick results

The project was managed – and is still managed – in agile mode, which allowed the rapid implementation of a functional prototype. Multiple iterations followed in order for us to get to the product we currently have online. It is with a structured and efficient management and the collaboration with the payment provider, the supplier of gift cards, the third party technology firm, the “branding” firm, as well as the internal departments at Ivanhoe Cambridge, that the project was a great success.

Stripe, for secure payments

Stripe was the solution chosen for many good reasons!  Are you curious to learn more about Stripe and fraud management? Click here

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