Accompany the marketing team to maximize web presence. Kinova is a fast-growing company with a global presence and positioning in several niche markets.

"You said integration? Efficiency is important when you're growing. The integration of different systems saves many hours of work for Kinova’s team. "


  • Create landing page integrating editable forms from Drupal;
  • Display content that only appears when given contact informations;
  • Link Kinova to Salesforce including redirection to the right person in the right department automatically;
  • Integrate technical documentation of robotic arms directly via Dita.

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Integration between Drupal and Dita

All the technical documentation is in DITA. Everything exists on it. No bridge between Drupal and Dita existed. Everything had to be exported in PDF. We created the bridge for the DITA documentation to appear in Drupal. It now includes a search section with a table of contents and an advanced search tool that allows engineers to retrieve technical information from each robotic arm. The results have custom URLs that make sharing between people easier.