La Cartoucherie


Develop an e-commerce website incorporating several features of an ERP. Working with us for several years, the project was initially simply to improve an existing e-commerce website. It soon became the cornerstone of the company. Their e-commerce has virtually become the company’s ERP with a host of incredible features.

β€œAn e-commerce +++? The ingenuity and vision of the entrepreneurs behind La Cartoucherie allowed us to develop much more than an e-commerce.”


  • Develop advanced B2B sales functionalities;
  • Implement new tools to the e-commerce website to manage the whole business;
  • Connect customers’ printer fleets directly into e-commerce;
  • Synchronize with the cash register system (initially in D.O.S. *) until the cash system migration to Acomba;
  • Create a catalog of rare products and make sure it’s listed on Google;
  • Integrate features to manage foundations and purchasing groups.

* Too young to know what is the ODS? No problem, it’s on the brink of extinction πŸ™‚

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The extent of B2B sales

The development of B2B sales functionalities was essential in this project. There is a lot of volume in B2B, but this requires business rules for the customers, the sales team and the technical team. All these challenges were met with gusto.

A CRM in e-commerce

Many customers only use a small percentage of the functionality of their CRM. La Cartoucherie team focused on tailor-made development, within e-commerce, to maximize the process.

Visit the realization (but you will only see the tip of the iceberg)