Offer a design that respects the client new artistic direction, offer a large catalog of frames online, improve the conversion of online appointments and consolidate the microsites of their 60 independent clinics, all without making a change of platform (CMS).

“Did you say UX? Develop an online catalog, independent of the CMS, integrating more than 3500 SKUs while prioritizing the user experience.”


  • Develop a customer centric approach where customers and clinics were in the center of the development of new features on the platform;
  • Develop tactics based on the ROBO business model – – research online, buy offline;
  • Create a frame catalog external to the CMS for it to be reused regardless of the platform used in the future;
  • Make a visual redesign of the website by following the new visual identity of the brand;
  • Highlighting the network’s clinics by providing a separate page for each of them, builds outside of the CMS for possible platform change;
  • Monitor and analyze performance to optimize the appointment process, with the aim of increasing clinic visits.

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Planning and prioritization of actions

Being in a business sector in constant evolution, where the competition is very strong, Opto-Réseau requires flexibility and versatility from its suppliers. That’s why, once a year, we define business goals and identify the priorities that our teams will have to work on to support the Opto-Réseau team. A steering committee, led in collaboration with the Marketing Director, is held at least every six months to define or re-direct decisions, and to reach consensus among all stakeholders.


Continuous analyzes are carried out in order to identify opportunities for optimization and to ensure that Opto-Réseau retains its position at the forefront in the optometry sector.

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