Carry out migrations of e-commerce platforms: Nopcommerce to Magento 1, then to Magento 2.  In collaboration, optimize their business process and analyze their website’s performance so that they can make more informed decisions.

“A good example of a complex e-commerce website? It includes B2B, B2C, three different brands, tier-pricing, ERP, and more. All this without sacrificing performance!”


  • Consolidate three online transactional platforms, with a separate product catalog, under one single platform;
  • Place customers in the center of the developments and business goals by interviewing their various target customers; 
  • Offer solutions to generate better leads for the clinic opening service;
  • Integrate their Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (ERP) with Magento;
  • Deploy an advanced search tool to deliver products when searching, manage synonyms and prioritize results for a better user experience.

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Reaching digital maturity

Clients since 2003, we support OrthoCanada team in their digital transformation and are responsible for their e-commerce platform. Over the years, our team has supported OrthoCanada in growing its digital maturity, adding new players to its internal team in order to gain more autonomy in managing their online business. Today, the OrthoCanada team is experiencing a maturity to which we aspire to bring many of our clients.

A business partnership 

The trust that has developed over the years between OrthoCanada and Axial is out of the ordinary. It’s that kind of trust and relationship that makes us want to go beyond our limits every week. Becoming more of an advisor to their team members to help them optimize their business processes, analyze web metrics and plan actions to ensure digital direction that matches their context and business objectives.

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