Portable Winch


Educate visitors about the utility and how to use a unique product: the portable winch. We also needed to reflect the excellent retail and service on the Portable Winch website by creating content that anticipates the usual visitors questions.

“Our priority? Help potential buyers throughout their purchase process.”


  • Add a dealer locator connected with the CRM software;
  • Create a decision-making tool to increase online sales and attract potential customers to stores; 
  • Add a “request a quote” system for the storeviews where e-commerce is not available; 
  • Implement a different marketing strategy for each country in order to adjust to their realities;
  • Decrease the number of languages ​​offered on the website to facilitate the information updating.

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Supporting the consumer with a decision-making tool

The kit creation tool is a four question survey that allows you to find the right products based on the answers given. This tool helps customers make an informed choice based on their needs. They can then purchase from the website or a retailer.

Dealer locator

The dealer locator is connected directly to the Portable Winch CRM, which limits the amount of updates needed when making changes for retailers.

Being in more than 25 countries

As Portable Winch products are available in more than 25 countries, every effort has been made to adapt the site to the visitor’s region. Therefore, it is possible to establish variable tax, price and delivery rules by country. The same goes for the dealer locator.