Smart Tiles


Create and optimize the international online store. We initially created the company’s first e-commerce site. Quickly, we worked with the Quinco team (The Smart Tiles) to maximize the conversion rate in the various markets in which the company finds itself.

“An optimal presence in Europe? It takes listening, listening and listening. Customers are different. The e-commerce platform needs to be adapted.”


  • Develop a global B2B and B2C site (sometimes in B2B and sometimes in direct sales depending on the country);
  • Integrate their Integrated Management System (ERP) Ipso;
  • Apply the customer empathic approach by using usability tests and email surveys to formulate a hundred recommendations;
  • Prioritize and implement recommendations to improve the conversion rate to maximize online sales.

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Usability tests

Usability testing is a great way to understand how customers think, how they use your site, and to target things that are not clear. In short, this method discover what your customers do not understand about your website!

Global reach

The introduction of different business rules depending on the country, the types of customers and tax rules may seem simple, but doing things well requires a lot of adaptation. For example, we have implemented a specific payment platform for France.

Optimization and CRO 

The term CRO tells you nothing? It’s normal to get lost in all these acronyms. CRO means Conversion Rate Optimization. Optimizing the Smart Tiles web presence in Europe has led to a significant increase in sales!

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