Discovery and strategy

Do you have a digital action plan that is aligned with your business goals?

Every digital project begins with a discovery phase with your customers. We also analyze your market and then develop a 360-degree strategy. This step will give you a clear view of your market and position in the market as well as give you a realistic action plan adapted to your challenges. Watch your business results improve when you define your vision, clarify your goals and strategy, and prioritize your digital marketing initiatives.

Current digital performance

With our in-depth analysis of your market and competitors, you will better understand the current competitive landscape in which your business is evolving. In addition, we will conduct a performance analysis of your website, including its content and search engine rankings, and all other digital assets. With all of this data, you will have a full-scale assessment of the issues and challenges you must overcome to improve your digital marketing performance.

Empathizing with your customers

To attract and keep loyal customers using your digital assets, it is important to have them enjoy unforgettable experiences on the web. We help you to create these experiences by leveraging the power of descriptions about the personalities, needs and behaviours of each customer segment. Thanks to this data, you will be better equipped to allure, engage and convert customers. Aligning your brand with the personalized experiences customers desire will go a long way in building your business.  With consistent monitoring of customer interactions with your brand, you will be able to quickly pinpoint which relationships are the most valuable and which need to be fine-tuned or eliminated altogether.

Content architecture

First, your website’s overall architecture must be based on the insights on your current digital performance, new strategy and customer personas. Second, it also must be attuned to keywords that best describe your products and services, company and market sector. With the right keywords, you can improve your website’s overall rankings on search engines and ensure that each website page has very precise objectives. They say information is power. With our comprehensive analyses and strategy, you will use that information to create stellar experiences for your website visitors.

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