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Magento is one of the most popular electronic commerce platforms available now.  And what’s best is that Axial has develop a master’s expertise in the web platform, having many realisations under its belt!

One of the many reasons for this popularity is Magento’s great flexibility.  The CMS is available in open source (Magento Community Edition) and paid (Magento Enterprise) versions.

Depending on your projects, we will guide you towards the best version for your needs.  No worries, we know them both!

Many functionalities are integrated natively in Magento and they can simplify your project’s implementation.  Magento is the ideal solution if you are currently in any of these situations :

  • You sell in multiple countries (multi-stores);
  • You use different currencies;
  • You sell white label products;
  • You use or would like to use an ERP or an inventory management system;
  • You sell complex products with many attributes or options;
  • You have a high number of products (SKUs);
  • You sell B2C or B2B;
  • You have multi-level pricing (tier-pricing).

Magento is a great solution if you wish to maximize your online sales in a complex environment, with tailored e-commerce rules and integrations with your existing or future systems.


A Magento project?

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Here is a list of some clients for whom we have created Magento sites
Garneau Slippers
Portable Winch

Choosing Magento for your e-commerce project?

You wish to sell only under many brands?

Whether it’s to develop a new market or because you just acquired a business and want to centralize your administrative efforts all in one place, the Magento multi-stores feature can be very interesting.

You want to integrate an ERP, a CRM or an accounting system?

ERP, CRM, accounting or inventory software, Magento’s open architecture opens up solutions for easy integration with all your existing or future business systems.

You have a high number of products?

Businesses that only have a couple of SKUs in their inventory can rather easily manage development and growth. But when you talk about tens of thousands of SKUs, it’s a whole other story and this is where Magento can have great benefits.

You sell B2C and B2B?

Magento allow for easy segmentation of the 2 types of clientele and customize business rules for each of them.

You have a multi-level pricing structure (tier-pricing)?

Price policies are often difficult to handle with e-commerce systems. Magento eases price management and it is even possible to connect to your ERP to get the right price for the right client.

Your products are configurable and have lots of options?

Magento manages sizes, colors, types, options, formats and any other attributes you can think of. You can even manage your inventory and prices using those attributes.