• Industrie : B2B
  • Plateforme : Magento 2
  • Client depuis : 2018

The client and the challenge

Ivanhoé Cambridge is a responsible global investor that invests in high-quality real estate properties, projects and companies around the world. The company owns interests in more than 1100 buildings, primarily in the industrial and logistics, office, residential and retail sectors, with assets of more than $60 billion (CAD). Ivanhoé Cambridge chose Axial to develop a transactional website for corporate rewards and incentives in order to add gift cards to its offer for collaborators, employees and business partners.

The objectives

  1. Deploy a transactional gift card platform for the B2B market
  2. Analyze the new market’s buying behaviour
  3. Optimize the transactional platform


The solution

This was the second project developed by Axial to sell Ivanhoé Cambridge gift cards. Axial developed a tailor-made structure for sharing modules between the two CMS in order to reduce the risks and costs associated with developing and updating the websites.
The buying behaviour was very different from what the Axial team had seen in the first mandate involving the B2C market. Thus, a lot of questioning and reflection was required to properly satisfy the mandate. To achieve this, we reused what had already been done for B2C, without losing sight of the current project, the customers, and Ivanhoé Cambridge’s needs and expectations. The lean approach also enabled us to quickly launch the platform in MVP mode, to measure performance and to deploy optimizations. All this was achieved while reducing the risks associated with the Ivanhoé Cambridge platform’s launch on the market!

What the project team had to say

« Axial a brillamment réussi à réutiliser et améliorer le travail effectué ces dernières années pour bâtir cette nouvelle plateforme Ecommerce, plutôt que de recommencer à zéro. Axial s’est assuré d’impliquer et de collaborer avec tous les experts d’affaires et techniques d’Ivanhoé Cambridge ainsi que des partenaires externes (banque, processeurs de paiement, etc.) pour définir des requis d’affaires clairs et évolutifs. Cela a permis à Ivanhoé Cambridge de déployer dans un court délai une plateforme robuste, mature, mais adaptée aux besoins de cette nouvelle clientèle B2B. Les ventes ont rapidement suivi et des améliorations ont été apportées suite aux commentaires des clients afin d’optimiser l’expérience client et la conversion. »
Mikaël Calvez - Director, Marketing Department, Shopping Centres
“After having implemented a great B2C solution for our client, we were ready to tackle the B2B angle. We’re always interested in new challenges! In addition to working with Ivanhoé Cambridge and third parties, we had to find a way to consolidate the majority of our code base which was common to both B2C and B2B projects. The development team found a creative way to ensure that the two platforms could maintain their unique attributes, while making it easier to work on tasks that were common to both projects. As for elements unique to B2B, there was the 2FA process for the custom-built customer front-end and the gift card personalization page. These two elements made it possible to provide both an enjoyable and simple user experience by allowing them to modify several gift cards at once before the purchase. In short, we had a lot of work to do for "Ivanhoé Cambridge!"
Mike Schoolcraft, Development Team Lead

Key takeaways

  1. Never neglect ascertaining knowledge of the market. You must take the time to define the personae and the target audience in a new product development plan in order to ensure the project’s success.
  2. As an exclusive and niche offer, this platform’s barriers to entry had to be robust and effective. Among other things, our team developed a tailor-made two-factor authentication tool to ensure secure shopping for platform users.

Étendue des travaux

  • Analytics
  • User research
  • Comparative analysis (benchmarking) of competitors and markets
  • Conversion rate optimization strategy (CRO)
  • Usability tests
  • Unique value proposition and key messages
  • Growth-oriented design
  • User experience (UX) design
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Website content
  • E-commerce site development
  • Systems integration and automation
  • Quality assurance
  • Performance optimization
  • Respect for accessibility
  • Infrastructure and hosting
  • Custom development 24/7 support
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Landing pages optimization
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