• Industrie : Tourism & Wellness
  • Plateforme : WordPress
  • Client depuis : 2020

The client and the challenge

Spa Eastman is located in the Eastern Townships. The company offers a unique concept to promote health and wellness. It is an upscale fitness and rejuvenation experience. The mandate given to Axial was to create a transactional platform fully integrated with ResortSuite while ensuring that the sales pitch was properly transferred online to convey the value of the offer.

The objectives

  1. Standardize the digital ecosystem
  2. Provide a simplified user experience by connecting the website to the Spa inventory system
  3. Maximize customer service resources to reduce calls and questions from users
  4. Make the website a lever to articulate all marketing strategies and measure them
  5. Increase the online conversion rate to 2%


The solution

In order to ensure this redesign project’s success, content strategy had to be at the heart of discussions. This enabled us to create an evolving website structure and to respond adequately to Spa Eastman’s different customer profiles. To demonstrate Spa Eastman’s differentiated positioning, the site structure, images, tone and content all had to be aligned. Also, while developing the online reservation system, we placed the customer at the centre of the web experience by ensuring that they could easily find the information they need, that they could navigate easily and that they became familiar and comfortable with Spa Eastman’s identity from the first glance. This initiative, in particular, helped make customer service more efficient, so that they could focus most on providing value in the customer’s experience. In this sense, the Axial team also made sure that the different technological tools communicated well with each other and that they shared the same database in order to prevent duplication, double entry and cumbersome internal processes.

What the project team had to say

“Working with the Axial team means not having to deal with any “bullshit” and real transparency. They’re easy to access and simplify things well, they listen to our needs and know how to provide solutions that help us achieve our goals. This is a team that is not afraid to take on a challenge, on time and on cost!"
Diane Nadeau, IT Director, Marketing and Communications, Spa Eastman
"It was easy to work with the Spa team. They’re really cool, they knew their stuff and they were able to work in Agile. It was all the more motivating because we knew that the project was going to make a difference and bring happiness to their team, especially their customer service team. Working in happiness for the sake of other’s happiness: who could ask for more?!"
Simon D, E-commerce Developer

Key takeaways

  1. Connecting an inventory system to a website requires a real investment, but it provides a huge timesaving for its staff specialized in customer service. Employees can now focus their efforts in the right places and be even more efficient!
  2. When the client has a mission and a unique offering like that of Spa Eastman, it’s important to properly understand the scope in order to make the right recommendations and successfully complete the project.

Étendue des travaux

  • Analytique
  • Recherche utilisateur
  • Analyse comparative (benchmarking) des concurrents et des marchés
  • Conception axée sur la croissance
  • Direction créative
  • Conception de l'expérience-utilisateur (UX)
  • Conception de l'interface utilisateur (UI)
  • Développement de site web e-commerce
  • Développement sur mesure Infrastructure et hébergement
  • Assurance qualité
  • Optimisation des performances
  • Intégration et automatisation des systèmes
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